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EcoTimber Specials through June 1st

Beautiful Floors, Healthy Living

These  featured EcoTimber engineered prefinished specials include an incredible  selection. They’re really more beautiful in person so we invite you to come into the showroom or call us to request a sample. Engineered is not what it used to be. They have great wear layers, stability, are FSC-certified,  and made with formaldehyde-free adhesive. If you care about forestry practices, labor conditions and the health of workers, the overall reputation of a company, and YOUR health, purchasing an EcoTimber floor is an important decision.  Be sure to go to and check out EcoTimber’s background and specifications for each of these specials. You can also locate and enlarge the images online.   The ARCH offers ALL the EcoTimber selections you will see online.  Call us today.


The ARCH tempts lovers of great food with Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens!

The ARCH showroom model

Primavera 60 model- preassembled oven

Just in case you don’t know- food cooked in a Forno Bravo wood-fired oven is off the charts in terms of flavor and entertainment. If you love to cook you just might want to consider a wood-fired oven. It’s not just an investment- it’s what you like to EAT and how you want to eat that counts!  We don’t need to make this complicated- you build it and they will come.  OR you don’t need to have them come- just enjoy the roasted flavors, and a loaf of bouile bread with your favorite bottle of wine anytime you want to fire it up. (In less than an hour you’ll reach a temperature of 700 degrees).

The ARCH, Architectural Finishes, Flooring & More is a dealer of Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens and we’re excited about this. We keep up with all the developments and forums, and yearn to cook all the great recipes- roasted everything, breads, and of course pizza. It’s simple to top a pizza with mozzarella, goat cheese, bella and shitake mushrooms, pine nuts and then throw on a little arugula lettuce when it comes out sizzling! We continue to hear the best reviews and experiences from owners of Forno Bravo ovens- whether it be a residential pre-assembled oven, unassembled oven kit that you surround with your own design ideas, or commercial installation capable of feeding a LOT of people, everyone is having fun with these ovens and we’d like to help you join the wood-fired oven lovers out there.

The ARCH will provide you the most competitive pricing that we can and installation advice as well. Jim Erskine has over 30 years of masonry experience (“too much” he will tell you). Examples include the reconstruction of the chimney at the Richmond Hill Inn, builder of Rumsford fireplaces, endless foundation work for residences and commercial buildings. He’s one of these guys you may see subconsciously squinting with one eye lining up a corner on some random building trying to mentally level out someone else’s lousy work. Bottom line- Jimmy can talk installation about these ovens or work with contractors or homeowners that need support. Local or at least regional support is important!  

The oven image here that looks like a giant beehive shape is the Primavera 60 pre-assembled oven that we have in our showroom at 171 Weaverville Hwy, Asheville, NC.  Other oven ideas posted are outdoor settings, trailers with ovens for the traveling entrepreneur for entertaining crowds, a restaurant installation complete with mosaic tile work (The ARCH has incredible tile offerings). … Featured are just a handful of ideas to get you thinking. YOU are the creative one. You may be looking to complete the classy outdoor kitchen or you may be the “throw it together with the fieldstones from your property” type- there’s an oven style for you. More importantly you can have some tasty meals and pleasant evenings to look forward to. Contact us! PH 828 253 5455, email:, or website:

Rapid River Magazine Arts and Culture article

We are pleased to be included in the current  Asheville’s May 2010 Rapid River Magazine Arts and Culture magazine. Discussed is our new move to 171 Weaverville Hwy in Asheville.  Soon we will post new images of new displays, products, and events.  Meanwhile here’s the link to the issue. Type in page 21 for the article.

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