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Handmade tiles at The ARCH: Beauty in the glaze

 A  rich glazed tile backdrop surrounding a fountain? Something dynamic behind the range that you cook near daily? A few low horizontal serene rows behind the vanity?   Whether it be a nook and cranny or a larger expanse, the radiance of hand glazed handmade tile will bring you a little more  joy as these tiles will influence your surroundings with a beauty that machine made, knock ’em out factory tiles just don’t provide. We’re talking about that special place you are considering- not the entire kitchen floor.  There is something about knowing and sensing the feeling of fingers actually smoothing edges, carefully drying the clay in a studio space, glazing and firing by hand. You can sense  something intriguing in handmade tilework.  Entered here are a handful of images of hand glazed samples and tiles by one of the incredible tile artists represented at The ARCH. This will be one of several entries about handmade tiles available through The ARCH.


Reclaimed Flooring Takes Me Back to Hawaii

The Arch can provide you with a beautiful reclaimed flooring of Heartpine, Chestnut, Oak, Maple, and Red Gum to name a few. These are just a few examples of the possibilities that you can admire under your feet.

It’s interesting to me that nearly twenty eight years ago (yikes) when I was living on the Big Island the decision was made to include a reclaimed floor in a home we built. We chose to purchase a wide plank tongue and groove pine floor from an old warehouse that was torn down in California. Nearly everything shipped over to the islands in huge “containers” by boat and California was about as close as we could get for flooring. When it arrived it was nearly black with years of dirt but the boards were long and a true two inches in thickness and so what if it required a serious sanding. To see the old wood come to life was a joy. I looked for a photo and came up with a couple from an old photo album.  My girls (Tracy on the bucket, Roxanne with the cup in her teeth) had a couple of  big rubber gymnastic rings hanging from reclaimed beams (from the same warehouse) and they would spin in circles and have the best time. The photo of the other girl is a friend in the neighborhood. Of course I didn’t think ahead to the present day for photographs of floors).  I always felt good about that floor. Great in fact and still do for the lucky soul that lives there now.  I didn’t have to worry about the occasional dent or scratch because it had that wonderful patina and worn appearance from the beginning.  It was great for raising kids and with three bull terriers at the time it never worried me at all.  Though, in Hawaii, all shoes are left at the door- which adds to the life of any floor, not to mention keeping things clean. I wonder just how old that floor was?

The flooring we can obtain for you won’t need near the work that that floor did and you can get an up close and personal view of the samples we have in our showroom.

There’s always a home, studio, addition restaurant, you name it, that is fitting for reclaimed flooring. Consider it!

Bringing Old Europe Home with Wood-Fired Ovens

It’s always great to have a local publication support your business with a great article. Thanks to Dennis Ray with Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine he compiled an enjoyable piece about the Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens available at the The ARCH.  Dennis included a bit of history about the ovens and pointed out that “Virtually every Tuscan farmhouse has, or had an original brick or stone oven.”  There was a reason for this and I would say it was no secret that the food was delicious from the efficient dome shaped ovens that retained heat so effectively.   Click on the following link  for the entire article from the June 2010 publication: You’ll need to enter page 2 for the article to come up and scroll down on the page to see our advertisement as well.  Also included in this publication is an article about

Just one setting for Forno Bravo Wood-Fired oven

 the upcoming  Western North Carolina’s Architecture and Design Expo being held at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville June 25 and 26. Several of the artists at this event have work displayed at The ARCH as well.