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Handmade tiles at The ARCH: Beauty in the glaze

 A  rich glazed tile backdrop surrounding a fountain? Something dynamic behind the range that you cook near daily? A few low horizontal serene rows behind the vanity?   Whether it be a nook and cranny or a larger expanse, the radiance of hand glazed handmade tile will bring you a little more  joy as these tiles will influence your surroundings with a beauty that machine made, knock ’em out factory tiles just don’t provide. We’re talking about that special place you are considering- not the entire kitchen floor.  There is something about knowing and sensing the feeling of fingers actually smoothing edges, carefully drying the clay in a studio space, glazing and firing by hand. You can sense  something intriguing in handmade tilework.  Entered here are a handful of images of hand glazed samples and tiles by one of the incredible tile artists represented at The ARCH. This will be one of several entries about handmade tiles available through The ARCH.

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