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Lime Gauging and Lime Washes over American Clay: More than Just a New Palette

Have you ever noticed how just a couple of new ingredients changes everything exponentially?  We’re hard at work introducing a variety of finishes, experimenting, and developing a new palette of options.  One of the finish options  we work with is American Clay Lime Putty.  The focus here is lime gauging and lime wash effects that you can create used in conjunction with the already beautiful  American Clay’s  line of award-winning earth plasters- Loma, Porcelina, Maritimo and Enjarre. It is a pure high-calcium lime putty mixed with  the clay itself (lime gauging) or diluted with water and pigment if desired you create a lime wash by brushing over a previously earth clay troweled wall surfaces. The lime will continue to harden over the days and months ahead creating a harder finish. Benefits include breathability, mold and mildew resistance, and humidity buffering qualities.

Wall example with American Clay earth plaster- Lime gauged and Lime washed Enjarre, 1/3 wild horse smoke, skip troweled

The amazing part of it all is that the more we work with the lime effects (along with all the other finishes we have worked with) it continues to teach us something historically, architecturally, and artistically.

Burnished lime gauged Porcelina wall with Lake Tahoe

This example along the stairwell shows a porcelina clay which is lime gauged. When burnished it highlights  the lime and polishes nicely.

This yellow wall  has a lime wash. On Loma, Maritimo or Enjarre, the lime wash will be more matte. It can be uniformly applied or more random as in this detail image.

Lime washed Loma random application, Tuscan gold pigment, skip troweled and burnished

For more information on how to gauge lime putty and lime wash click here to learn more. This is great tutorial on American Clay’s website that will discuss techniques.

Below is a sample board that shows the  Chesapeake Bay Porcelina clay hard troweled with two lime washes applied and burnished. The right white lime wash is pure with no pigment, the left green is the snake river pigment with the lime wash and you can see  how quickly the green takes over the underlying clay yet it peaks through. Both create interesting effects. Varying degrees of lime wash with or without pigment can be applied.

We welcome and encourage conversation regarding lime gauging and lime washes.
We will soon have some workshops for Lime Putty exploration for those that have taken a previous American Clay workshop.
Looking forward to having more fun with our artistic fellow clay friends.
Varying degrees of lime wash with or without pigment can be applied
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