S.E.E.EXPO The ARCH Exhibits Sustainable Products



The S.E.E. EXPO and Celebration is this weekend, August 20th -22nd, at the Agricultural Center in Asheville.   The ARCH is exhibiting for its sixth year and it is a good feeling to continue to support sustainability and be among advocates of environmental  issues and positive change.  The SEEEXPO has innovative exhibits and workshops for building, agriculture, and technology. Located in the new air-conditioned Exhibition Hall The ARCH has on display FSC-Certified EcoTimberflooring, Reclaimed Wood flooring, American Clay Earth plaster, Vida Cork, Merida Natural Fiber flooring, information on the new St Astier’s Natural Hydraulic Lime, Concrete Counter samples made locally, Forno |Bravo Wood-fired oven information, a sampling of art tile and more. Most of these products contribute to LEED points. Jim Erskine is available to discuss application and masonry interests. We also have a space to try your hand at troweling  American Clay Earth Plaster on sample board surfaces.  Below is a photo of an enthusiastic participant from our exhibit in 2009.

From our 2009 exhibit: Exploring American Clay fun for all ages

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