Casa2G90 From Crate to Fire

Aha! The big gift crate  exposed.

Further exposed

The nice thing about a modular wood-fired oven kit is that the weight is divided up making it easier to handle. It’s an advantage particularly if you have  difficult terrain to consider.  However, we absolutely love many of the  preassembled ovens. We chose the Casa2G90 because  the 36 inch oven base  is going to be a great size for  how we  cook,bake and it will be very suitable for demos. It’s  going to perform beautifully.

Ground  fill will cover the lower foot or two of the base so it doesn’t look so massive, and stone will cover the block.   We chose to build a center wall interior wall so the wood wouldn’t stray clear to the back and the benefit of added support for the oven floor is a plus.

Building the foundation.

Added interior foundation wall

Foundation process

After the dome is completed, the refractory cement is spread over all the joints and used up over the dome. Insulation is carefully cut and layered over the dome. It conforms really well but you have to be careful to avoid breathing the particulates. Lath and more refractory cement is layered over the insulation.   Jim continues with the brick arch, chimney and flue. It will all be covered with natural hydrated lime, stone, and tiles  so attention to the joints isn’t as refined as usual. But strong and level it is!

High efficiency Ceramic Blanket insulation

Layering the Ceramic Blanket insulation

Sealing the dome joints

The curing process involves gradual fires at very low levels and rises over the course of five days! At the end of the first day of curing you can bet a little celebration was in order!

Arch development. To be covered with tiles

Chimney and flue install

Curing process begins. First small fire


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