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Artigiano Oven Project Inspired by Charlotte Couple

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Choosing to develop an outdoor wood-fired oven entertainment area requires careful planning.  Nilgun and Ray  from Charlotte, NC who have a  love for cooking and architecture carefully considered their entire layout for something they’ve put their heart into for their own back yard.  In November, after further conversations and consultation,  professional mason Jim Erskine,  and Tom Silver traveled from Asheville to Nilgun and Ray’s home in Charlotte with  mixer in tow and the necessary tools.  With warm greetings they then proceeded to build the outdoor kitchen structure and assemble the Artigiano Oven. Here is a slide show series of photos that shows the project from the slab up. Still to come will be the installation of an additional grill, counter surfaces, a pergola, landscaping and the best part- enjoying every bit of it.   The Artigiano oven is absolutely beautiful. The brick dome is handcrafted and arrives as one pre-assembled piece.   We hope to share more images as the project wraps up and share the joy that fine meals and gathering of friends brings from wood-fired cooking. Many thanks to Nilgun and Ray!

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December Newsletter 2010 Natural Gifts from Candles to Floors

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Gift ideas at The ARCH

Visit The ARCH during this holiday season. To view our December newsletter click here.

In addition to gift ideas, we have flooring specials, and take a moment to read the interesting article from the Asheville Citizen Times about Hempcrete Building in the Asheville area.

Use Recycled Natural Longleaf Pine Fire Starter Kindling

23lb box Firestarter kindling

A great way to start a fire in your wood-fired oven, wood stove or fireplace is with Longleaf Pine Kindling that has  been recycled from reclaimed antique heartpine!

Some great reasons to use this product:  it’s very very dry, locally produced (we pick it up), supports small businesses, is recycled off-cuts and rippers from the mill that we get beautiful reclaimed flooring from, and it works great! It’s not too resinous for wood-fired ovens either- it’s efficient and burns easily and gets your fire burning quickly. Other hardwood kindling can require a greater quantity to start your fire with. Our firestarter kindling is  OLD heart pine that is very dense from trees that grew to great heights in the Southeast from decades past. Unless  you are  exceptionally organized  with a year long supply of nice dry kindling, I’m sure many of you have experienced the “backyard search” after only a few weeks of cold weather. Perhaps your less than adequate stash has dwindled away (or never existed). As a native of Northern Michigan I used to consider the idea of purchasing a box of kindling kind of ludicrous. I saw a box at a friend’s house and thought- what’s this?!

Northern Michigan days

One of the things I enjoyed doing with my dad many years ago during cooler weather was helping split that huge pile of cedar shakes.  Aside from one ax scar I enjoyed the whole process.  But hey, we’re all busy, and a couple of years ago I DID buy a box of  “fatwood”- there’s a good chance it was shipped from the Honduras, then  shipped once again from the Northeast to North Carolina. (Not particularly efficient in terms of environmental considerations).  I will admit, it was efficient stuff and  it did last a good long while as true fatwood is extremely resinous. Fatwood comes  from the stumps of pine trees, often after loggers have done their work. Hmmm… claims are that it is environmentally derived, but it depends on the source and your proximity to the product.

What we have to offer you may have less resin overall, but it is resin-laden and  it works beautifully in a wood-fired oven or fireplace. It is 100% natural, and has no chemicals or additives . It is made of rippers and offcuts of resin-laden Longleaf Heart pine and is entirely recycled!  Starts fires fast and easy!.  Pick up your box at The ARCH today!

$24.00 for a 23lb box

Fall Into Winter With A Cozy Colorful Hammock!

December 1, 2010 3 comments

Hand woven Guatemalan Hammocks hand-picked by Roxanne and Justin during a recent trip to Guatemala

Humans may be prone to stay indoors when the temperatures drop…but the air outside is crisp and fresher than ever! Hang your hammock, bundle up with a blanket, grab an old read and relax outside this winter…

You’re officially invited to come to The Arch and take a look at beautiful handmade hammocks fresh from the villages of Chichicastenango and Antigua, Guatemala.  Natural rope-woven hammock with a pop of color are available for $50 and the hand-woven full-length color textile hammocks can brighten any home or yard for $90. They really are gorgeous!

Kicking back

Places to hang your hammock: Between 2 trees (classic), under a covered porch, on a hammock stand, from sturdy beams inside, or in a real pinch- between 2 cars with the rope ends clamped inside the doors!

Soft cotton hammock detail

Wrapped in Hand-made Comfort

All hammocks are made from 100% cotton, are colorfast,  supports 330 pounds and are extremely comfortable.*

Come check out these beautiful woven colors for yourself!  We’ll even warm you up with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

* Side effects may include drowsiness, vivid dreams, and feelings of weightlessness.

Written by guest blogger- Roxanne Turpen