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Artigiano Oven Project Inspired by Charlotte Couple

Choosing to develop an outdoor wood-fired oven entertainment area requires careful planning.  Nilgun and Ray  from Charlotte, NC who have a  love for cooking and architecture carefully considered their entire layout for something they’ve put their heart into for their own back yard.  In November, after further conversations and consultation,  professional mason Jim Erskine,  and Tom Silver traveled from Asheville to Nilgun and Ray’s home in Charlotte with  mixer in tow and the necessary tools.  With warm greetings they then proceeded to build the outdoor kitchen structure and assemble the Artigiano Oven. Here is a slide show series of photos that shows the project from the slab up. Still to come will be the installation of an additional grill, counter surfaces, a pergola, landscaping and the best part- enjoying every bit of it.   The Artigiano oven is absolutely beautiful. The brick dome is handcrafted and arrives as one pre-assembled piece.   We hope to share more images as the project wraps up and share the joy that fine meals and gathering of friends brings from wood-fired cooking. Many thanks to Nilgun and Ray!

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