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Artigiano Oven and Fireplace Installation Inspired by Hilton Head Couple

It’s no small project! It is, in fact,more than a project, it’s a vision and a passion of Hilton Head couple- Kathi and Jim. (What were the odds of Cathy and Jim working with Kathi and Jim?) Last Fall, with plans in hand and a dream in the making for some time, Kathi and Jim made a trip to Asheville to personally meet us  and make plans for an outdoor entertainment cooking area. We’ve appreciated their confidence and with a few good cups of coffee, the conversation quickly became lively. Instantly, we knew this project was not thought up on a whim. It was clear this was a project they had been planning carefully. What also became clear is Kathi’s absolute love of the culinary world.

Artigiano 120 has arrived! Jim Erskine and Tom Silver checking out the oven


Still getting to know Jim, I expect he’ll be a master of wood-cooking right along with Kathi.Two generous individuals from Chicago, they know their priorities, and have a sense of humor that may be coined ‘Chicago charm’ in Hilton Head if I may.

They are a lot of fun and from my understanding the golfers passing by are taking notice of the progression of their project.

Patience My Friend

Oven foundation

This series of photos will be the first of several.

Foor of the fireplace

Foor of the fireplace

With a little muscle...

They selected the Artigiano 120 brick oven which is gorgeous- a true work of art. For kicking back with a glass of wine and the evening sunsets they included the Calore2G105 modular outdoor fireplace kit which assembles within a day and can be finished as desired.

Calore2G105 Fireplace Kit

Jim’s masonry skills are evident as he works carefully  and is enjoying the installation of the detail brick that Kathi and Jim planned into their project.

Low wall with special detail

Their attention to detail is giving this design character and integrity. I love the special order brick selected, the water table brick detail, the herringbone pattern placed within the modular fireplace, and there’s more details to come in the next entry! At each end of the arched wall will be low walls at bench height creating a nice visual drop to the taller walls as well.  With some team effort the beautiful Artigiano brick dome was placed on it’s floor.

Detailed back for wood storage

Foundation work before oven set

Setting the oven on foundation

You'll notice Jim wanted a good look didn't he?

Progression of wall

Stay tuned for how this wall will progress northward with curves,  beautiful chimney caps, counters, and at some point glowing embers.

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