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Asheville Artisan Bread Festival- New Conversations for The ARCH

Meeting With Peter Reinhart

We had the pleasure of having a table at The Asheville Artisan Bread Festival  to represent Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens last Saturday, April 2nd.  Surrounded by a host of talented bakers,  it was a welcome opportunity to “talk ovens”, learn more about baking, learn more about the  North Carolina Organic Bread Flour Project (NCOBFP),  as well as sample delicious breads from the local bakers- a few further north as far as Pennsylvania.

Bakery Vendors

We were quite caught up in “one big wood-fired community conversation”. We talked with people from all over about all kinds of wood-fired cooking experiences, those that have built their own, those that own Forno Bravo ovens, and we shared our own experiences with those interested in purchasing their own ovens, the technical end of it, and just how to go about it in practical terms.

Jim talking ovens


Couldn't Resist

Some of the interests included creating a community oven for a local church,  restaurant inquiries, catering interests, community center interests, considerations for interior versus exterior installations, the use of accessories, and of course food, food, food.  The whole experience made us very hungry and we left with several loafs of bread.  We appreciated the opportunity to meet Peter Reinhart, author and baking instructor at Johnson and Wales University,and later attended a demo that he and Joe Lindley, owner of Lindley Mills in Graham, NC,  held at  AB Tech titled Baking with Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat Flour. We’re excited to watch the development of this amazing flour made by Lindley Mills, Inc. We felt quite privy to this introduction and  we were thrilled to leave with two bags of this new flour. We made some of our own bread the following day in our own wood-fired oven and are looking forward to more recipes and uses for this amazing new flour.  The raisin and cranberry focaccia that Peter had made and we all tasted  was superb.  Pretty amazing product, and as Peter remarked- it is likely to be “flying off the shelves”. Peter writes details in his blog about this Asheville event. If you  missed this year’s Asheville Artisan Bread Festival, perhaps you’ll make it to next year’s.  Next year we will likely have an oven model displayed, if not one fired up! Meanwhile, visit our showroom and see first hand our newest Casa2G80 modular oven kit.


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