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Wood-Fired Forno Bravo Oven Grilled Vegetables Raises the Flavor Bar

Selection of Vegetables to Grill

This entry is basically a photo tour for roasting vegetables in our Casa2G90 Forno Bravo oven.You can use the roasted vegetables in so many ways. Roasted pepper spreads, soups, and in this case- a layered lasagna with assorted grilled vegetables  made for a delicious and relatively low fat meal. The flavors are intensified, so I cut back on the cheeses and enjoyed the roasty flavors with a nice glass of red wine.

Getting the coals right

Getting some nice coals going to grill is  necessary from the start.  Using hardwoods that are about two inches in diameter and keeping a few pieces to the side to slide in as necessary  will guarantee a constant bed of coals. It’s a fine balance not to  smoke everything out though, so, well, you’ll get good at it.  Still learning, I think it all turned out quite delicious.  Why the round dutch oven? We’re still collecting bake ware in different forms. Ironware works great. What’s not seen here is that I put the eggplant to the left – I just set it on top of the carrots to begin baking so that the whole eggplant would be more thoroughly baked before I even put it on the grill. It doesn’t take long to roast any of these vegetables with the intensity  and convection of the  heat.  Just a note- this fire was started up quickly and a good bed of coals created within half an hour  after baking pizzas the previous night.  The oven  is so efficient that it retains a great deal of heat and makes for ease of use the following day, after day after day if desired.  Just a handful of wood is needed. I love the efficiency factor. Maybe next I’ll make a roasted pepper soup.

Grilled Glazed Carrots for later (not for the lasagna). Inexpensive, sweet, - they won't last long

Divine peppers begin their nap

Chopped roasted garlic

Cooled, peels off, mushrooms sliced

Sliced and blended together

Grilling Peppers

Maximizing the use of the oven floor space- carrots to the left

Roasting to the point of oozing

Eggplant, Mushrooms, Garlic join the group

Begin layering with favorite sauce, ricotta, cheeses, spices

Layered Roasted Vegetable Lasagna ready to bake for about an hour with lid, then remove lid and bake until perfect


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