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Islands of Ciabatta and Other Wood-Fired Oven Sensations for The Beginner

"Islands of Ciabatta" baking! The front loaf has Kalamata Olives and fresh snipped rosemary

There are few things more satisfying in life than a fine loaf of bread.  We’re surrounded by talented bakers in the area  yet our own introduction to bread making using our Forno Bravo wood-fired oven  has made us a little giddy knowing we’ve created our most flavorful bread yet! It’s amazing!

Not everyone owning a wood-fired oven will focus on all the different food categories. We have customers interested in primarily pizzas, others in baking, and those that favor grilling meats, fish and vegetables. From professionals to  young children, there is room for everyone to enjoy a Forno Bravo wood- fired oven.  Here are a handful of recent endeavors that show how success can be easy!  We’ve had our oven less than a year and the bread making efforts have yielded primarily larger loaves. All delicious, but this time Jim set out to work with the Ciabatta recipe that can be downloaded on Forno Bravo’s online store.  (see below). The first batch had a great flavor, but was too flat, but the oven was hotter so we had a great crust. Lessons noted.

Baked on Parchment paper trimmed around loaves

The second batch was more carefully tended to.

Assembly line ready to bake

The dough was handled more carefully, we cut  the parchment paper close to the loaves before baking as recommended, the shapes were formed to be narrower and a little more “column like”, the oven was properly misted.We followed the instructions better!

The result was great overall, but we should have had the oven up 75-100 degrees for a heartier crust.   Our third attempt may just combine the best of both experiences!

During our recent oven demo at our home with guests and after a number of very fine pizzas, we made a sliced lemon dessert pizza that I found online. I’d credit the source but I can’t locate it. The recipe was simple: Prepare a thin crust pizza, top with very thin sliced uncooked, seeded lemons, bake in the wood-fired oven. Remove from the oven. Top with dabs of butter  and return to the oven so the butter bakes in.

Delicious lemon sliced dessert pizza

Remove from the oven and top with copious amounts of powdered sugar. A very light and refreshing finish.  If the skins of the lemons seem a little strong, remove some of the outer rind layer but leave some of the rind as  it will not be too bitter as long as the slices are very thinly sliced.

You can also dry fruit and vegetables in an oven as it is cooling down days later.

Assorted summer tomatoes ready to dry in oven. Mostly Roma and San Marzano are best

Shown here are thin sliced tomatoes that we placed on a lightly oiled baking sheet and placed in an oven around 175 degrees. The oven maintains it’s temperature so well that you don’t have to worry about it cooling down. It’s free heat so use it! Drying tomatoes should be done slowly so they took a few hours. With a spatula I removed the “oven-dried tomatoes” and put them in a freezer bag for future pizza use.  (Forgot to photograph). Drying bananas is another great use of your oven.  The best dried bananas can actually bend unlike those horrible “banana chips” you may find from time to time in a trail mix.  Another sweet and simple treat.

Forno Bravo e-book cover with Ciabatta recipe

Ciabatta recipe can be found on http://www.fornobravo.com. Select  Forno Bravo Store from left column. Select e Books and CD Roms near the bottom of the list. Select the Wood Fired  Bread eBook. Download it. Locate the Ciabatta Recipe.Here is the cover of the ebook.

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