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Asheville and Surrounding Mountains Inspire American Clay Colors at The ARCH

Cades Cove Mist Inspires Green

American Clay has a beautiful palette of colors to choose from of which we have been happily working with since 2004 and The ARCH stocks the entire selection, but we wanted to begin adding a few more of our own that work well with area projects and are derived from local inspiration!  As you can see, there are many colors within each of these images, and  likely you can match the images to the six labeled samples. Sunlight plays into our mountains and reflects on our buildings all day, every day, so we are having a good time with our local colors and this process.

As mentioned in our newsletter (look for it April 12th- I’m ahead of myself), American Clay color specialist Carrie Williar, helped me get this project started and provided the first set. We do play around with pigments and  additives such as Mica here at The ARCH as we’ve been developing our eye for colors and we’ve seen quite a few variations with the pigments over the years, but if you want a specific interest, give us a call and we can discuss how to go about getting custom colors and finishes.  Keep in mind that every color isn’t going to be possible to match  -especially the brightest colors.   I’ve collected a number of local photographs to explore including: the Double Decker Bus Red,  Beer City Amber,  Shindig Green, City Hall Roof,  and the list goes on.   Send us your ideas!

  • Developing Palette of Local Colors
  • Appalachian Gray

    Mica Factory Gray

    S&W Facade

    Great Smoky Haze

    Arcade Facade