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The ARCH Supports Oceana With Forno Bravo Oven Sales

Support Our Oceans

My end of summer reading included  a fascinating book by Ted Danson- Oceana. The format of the book is filled with facts and has an almost text book format. In fact, it would be a fantastic text book for high school or college students.  It is so full of critical and disturbing facts about our oceans that I  could not  put it down, but instead wanted to take notes and list all the highlights so I wouldn’t forget the astounding numbers and their daunting truths.

Bottom Trawling Has Devastating Consequences

Covering pollution to the devastating consequences of industrial trawling of our ocean floors,  this book is truly an eye-opener.  So what does this book have to do with Forno Bravo ovens and wood-fired cooking? Well, I set out to locate a sustainable fish recipe to post in our newsletter and it brought me back to all that Oceana supports in terms of sustainable fishing.

Vulnerable corals to carbonic acid

Our oceans are in trouble and our fish population is in trouble, so I wanted to spread the reminder that it is very important to support sustainable fish choices and to learn the facts, whether you are dining out or cooking seafood in your wood-fired oven.  Fish2fork is one organization that is devoted to reviewing restaurants and whether their seafood is sustainable.  The international organization Oceana has a broad agenda including keeping our oceans free of pollutants, protecting marine wildlife, preserving threatened marine places, promoting responsible fishing, combating effects of climate change on our oceans, and monitoring irresponsible fishing and more. I highly recommend getting acquainted with their website.  Here is a handy seafood guide that they provide that is helpful (and can fit in your wallet) as you select your groceries and dine out.

Getting back to locating a sustainable fish recipe, I looked further into a great local source in our Western North Carolina mountains  and was reminded of a well respected source: Sunburst Trout Farm.  I am very impressed by their practices and excited to try their recipes in our wood-fired oven.

Fresh Fresh Fresh Sustainably Harvested Rainbow Trout

Sunburst Trout Farm raises their fish with no pesticides, no animal by-products, no growth hormones and the use of cool mountain waters results in a very fresh trout with a healthy high content of Omega-3 fatty acid.  I included a favorite recipe of theirs  in The ARCH October Newsletter for Rainbow Trout and it looks delicious.  We’d love to get your feedback on this recipe and other sustainably harvested fish recipes.

Commitment to Donate to Oceana

The ARCH offers sustainable flooring and finishes, and  will contribute a DONATION from all Forno Bravo oven sales through The ARCH to Oceana whose mission is to protect our oceans.  Forno Bravo has also agreed to match The ARCH contributions!  Forno Bravo owner, James Bairey  liked the idea and has been a 20+ year member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Monterey Bay Aquarium makes recommendations for healthy seafood choices through their Seafood Watch Program as is noted on the above seafood guide.

More sustainable seafood recipes from Oceana’s website.

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Support sustainable fishing practices and spread the word!