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Etched Copper Switchplate detail

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Pizza, Beer, and an American Clay Evening Workshop Party at The ARCH

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Looking for a home

Have an American Clay plaster project coming up? We’re planning an evening workshop party for free- the only requirement being that you purchase a minimum of 100.00 in American Clay products  the evening of the workshop or within the month prior to the workshop.The pizza, beer and workshop are on us! No kidding! (…and the pizza won’t come out of a cardboard box).

A non-refundable deposit of 25.00 toward the minimum product purchase at the time of registration will be collected. (To be applied toward the minimum product purchase).

Workshop date: Friday, January 7th  6-9 PM

If interested- call The ARCH at 828 253 5455 or email

This workshop will be limited to the first 8 people that sign up.  We ‘ll be sharing stations, but, hey, you can have a pizza slice or two and a brew between applications.  The schedule may look something like this:

  • Arrive with time to socialize 6PM
  • Jim’s intro to products to be used for the evening
  • Product discussion, how to prep wall surfaces, first coat application demo,
  • Your turn: Half try their hand (and trowel), other half eat pizza. Switch.
  • Second coat demo, how to compress and repairs. (probably will have to fit all of this to be sure you’re listening)
  • Half try their hand, other half eat more pizza. Switch.
  • The beauty of the night is a bonus for this workshop! Introduction to the newest Up and EZ roll on product. Demo on wall area.
  • Your turn to try the new Up and EZ.
  • More experimentation with pigments, techniques, and  play with the clay for a little longer.
  • More pizza and beer
  • Purchase project needs
  • Lights out

Here’s some photos from a recent workshop:

easy process for professional painter

cleaning the hawk

second coat application

Calling all painters- try it!

January’s workshop will include a larger wall expanse  for the  new Up and EZ Clay and the process involves a few basic steps as seen in these close up images:

sponging the wall

Rolling on UP & EZ clay plaster

Troweling clay plaster after rolling on UP & EZ

troweling Up & EZ