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Industrial Space Provides New Possibilities For The Arch!

December 12, 2014 1 comment

The Arch has moved once again!  We’ve moved into a space that at one time was the old power house of what long ago serviced the Burlington Industries textiles manufacturing plant but is now The Riverside Business Park.  We moved just  a few hundred feet from our previous location within the park so if you’re looking  at a GPS map, that famous little red arrow marker points to the same spot!


How many layers of paint were here?

The building definitely presented us with some huge challenges, but with all the  meandering metal pipes and metal boxes- (most of which I have no idea of their functions),  they are now part of the overall “industrial look” that we simply work with..or around.


Reminds me of an old greasy oven

Fortunately we have maintained the same contact address   as we simply moved “Unit 10” with us.
The space was clearly in very sad condition before we moved into it as you can see from these “before” photos. The many shades of paint and crumbling ceiling raised more than one eyebrow when we considered the space originally, in fact, at first, I for one, said ” NO”!

Doors being installed

 Then gradually, with the help of the park, and a closer look at the space, we accepted the challenge and recognized that it is going to function well for us. The high ceiling, natural light, upper loft work area and the outside awning are positive attributes of the space. Front doors were added, zero VOC paint was sprayed throughout the space, we built in some upper loft half walls and Jim wasted no time applying American Clay on a few of the walls (..there’s always more walls to cover with this amazing clay!). We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re here and we welcome everyone!

Alan Tilson with Indow Windows is in the upper loft (come in and discuss these energy efficient interior window inserts),  and Roxanne’s  “satellite” location for Amazing Capes takes up the other wing. !!! Check out her website too!
We have easy parking and the same great sustainable products and some new additions such as this sweet small portable stainless steel wood fired outdoor oven shown below.
Some of what The Arch offers: American Clay Earth Plaster and workshop offerings, Forno Bravo  ovens and outdoor fireplace units for residential and commercial locations, Bella Outdoor Living wood fired ovens,  one of Asheville’s best selections of sustainable flooring, Vermont Natural Coatings for floors, furniture, decks and exterior siding,  home accents and art tile.

Getting things into place. More finishes to apply!

Shown here are some home accents such as doorbells, switchplates, and natural beeswax candles.

Shown here are some home accents such as doorbells, switchplates, and natural beeswax candles.

sh6front copy

Under the awning there’s much to do, but soon we’ll be featuring an outdoor kitchen and hold demos with our wood- fired ovens! Benches and planters will be added.

Nano C 22 full 2jpg

Come in and see our newest oven featured: Bella Outdoor Living NanoC22 wood fired premium stainless steel oven!

In our next blog post we plan to share images of The Nano C22 in action, fired up under the outside awning. We’ll be  cooking some delicious appetizers! We are taking orders ( on the ovens), so come on in and take a look! There are larger units and drop-in options. Call us for details. 828 253 5455

Visit us at our new location at The Arch, 2000 Riverside Drive  Unit 10, Asheville, NC 28804  828 253 5455 Visit our website for hours of operation.


Do You Have Beautiful Historic Older Windows? Protect them and Save Energy With Interior Window Inserts!

window imageThese photos of old windows are simply a small collection of  historic charm and in most cases  energy challenges.   Window Efficiency Works  believes that you should “Enjoy your older windows!”  Enjoy this gallery then  start thinking about how you can save energy and add comfort to  homes and buildings.

IMG_2553 (1152 x 1728) image004. Cool-Window-4x3 handmade florida-theatre-2

  • Keep the cold air outside of that oldfarmhouse window you’ve enjoyed since you were a kid.
  • Imagine the savings of a large historic building!
  • Save air conditioning dollars and  keep the oppressive Charleston summer heat out!charleston-turquoise-window-box
  • So……that art studio on the top floor CAN be more efficient?
  • Don’t hesitate to keep that hand crafted window!  You can maintain a clear view through it as well as add comfort.
  • Maintain your historic windows- save energy, add comfort, and protect them from condensation as well!

Look for a new photo gallery of images taken around Asheville. It will be a pleasant walk indeed.

For more information about what an  interior window insert can do for you read our previous  post

Call The ARCH for free consultation and information:   828 253 5455


Interior Window Inserts Provide Great Benefits For Inefficient Windows!

April 6, 2013 1 comment

bookWhether you’re reading a book or dining with friends, sitting next to a drafty window is  simply uncomfortable as well as being costly.

There are many ways that we can make our homes and businesses more energy efficient as well as comfortable.

Acupuncture Clinic in Historic Montford Asheville. Window insert adds comfort in treatment rooms.
Acupuncture Clinic in Historic Montford Asheville. Window insert adds comfort in treatment rooms.

If you have inefficient windows one place to start is to install Window Efficiency Works interior window inserts. They are visually hardly noticeable, yet they will provide significant energy savings.

If you install these inserts you will immediately feel the added comfort during the coldest winter days, windy days, or during the hot summer days when you’re running an air conditioner.They also reduce outside noise by approximately 60%.


Get started!

Though your home improvement list may be a long one, it’ll pay off not only in comfort and energy savings but in dollars and cents! Whether you begin with a dining area or a covered porch, you will experience that cozy comfort which will feel like you’ve added square footage to your living space that might have otherwise been avoided!

Have you lived in or visited a home  that you chose one room to relax in over another simply because one of them is delivering an Arctic blast or the traffic noise outside is annoying? Interior window inserts will remedy these concerns.

Window inserts add to dining comfort at the Corner Kitchen

Window inserts add to dining comfort at the Corner Kitchen

Customers that have  had the inserts installed continue to share positive experiences with us.   Window Efficiency Works  offers a variety of interior window inserts that you can see are simple to handle and the benefits are many.

Window inserts are easy to place into frame as they are magnetic.

Window inserts are easy to place into frame as they are magnetic.

Available  through The ARCH, we can help you customize the inserts that work best for you.  Whether you want to preserve the original appearance of  the windows in a historic home or you simply want to keep the windows you have, these inserts are placed on the interior of your windows and they are discreet in design. IMG_2593 (1152 x 1728)

The window inserts attach to a magnetic frame (which stops the drafts) within your window frame, they are lightweight, the acrylic glazing provides 2.5 times the insulation of most glass,  and they perform beautifully.  Shown here are several Asheville area installations that demonstrate the process, design simplicity and noted feedback that we are getting.

 One homeowner’s response: The rooms are definitely holding heat better and feel way less drafty.  One surprise that I hadn’t expected is that the inserts have also decreased the noise from the street, which is really nice.  It will be a little tricky working with controlling the temperature in the rooms in the spring as we have extreme changes in high and low temperatures, but the ease of taking the inserts on and off should help with that.  I assume that we will want to keep them in through the Summer too because they will help keep the cool air in too.  I’m interested to see how it effects the utility bills in the long run.  I suspect it will have a dramatic effect.
The insert is installed on the left section and not on the right. Notice the condensation problems on the right side!

The insert is installed on the left section and not on the right. Notice the condensation problems on the right side!

Call us today for free estimates and consultation. Visit us at our new location to see a showroom model and discuss your project. The ARCH has  recently moved to: The Riverside Business Park, Unit 10, Asheville, NC.  828 253 5455  Email: Hours:  T-F 9:30-5:30, Sat 10-3