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The ARCH Sells Forno Bravo Ovens Which Means You Can Bake Delicious Hearth Breads!

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Visit us at The ARCH in Asheville and you’ll find that we’re happy to talk ovens and hearth bread! We don’t claim to be baking professionals and yet we continue to surprise ourselves with delicious loaves of hearth bread. Often we add a little rosemary from the garden or bake Ciabatta with a little Asiago cheese. The recipes are endless.  Add a summer fresh tomato, avocado, and goat cheese,….what more do you need to enjoy a delicious combination with fine bread while sitting on your deck this summer? Artisan breads generally cost from $5.00-$6.00 in Asheville, so, let’s see…. $6.00 times how many loaves? Considering the cost of flour, this is a great savings but more importantly it could be your bread.  Shown here is just a small sample of delicious food that you can make in a hot wood-fired oven.

The ARCH offers competitive pricing on all Forno Bravo ovens and outdoor fireplace units, accessories, Caputo 00 flour, tomato sauces and more. We offer full service and installations as well. See Jim’s gallery of installations here. Give us a call at The ARCH today at 828 253 5455.  Showroom hours: T-F 9:30-5:30, Sat. 10-3.  Or email us at  Website:

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Caputo 00 Flour + Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Ovens = Exceptional Pizza!

Exceptional Flour for exceptional pizza!

Caputo 00 flour is now available at The ARCH in Asheville!   If you haven’t tried the “00” Pizzeria Caputo flour you’ll be surprised by it’s soft light crust with, and as the description reads here “extraordinary taste”! We will have the smaller 2.2lb bags of Caputo 00 Farina Flour – also excellent for pizzas  (and great for testing a small batch) as well.  Newer to us, but highly recommended by our friends with Crust Bakehouse in Columbia, SC is a flour they work with and enjoy (and we too enjoy) and that is Spadoni Pizzeria Flour also in a 55lb bag.  Our selection will be growing based on interest and this is for PICK UP ONLY, though we may start shipping out the smaller 2.2LB bags.
Delicious Ciabatta
We’re easing into building up our supply  so it’s best to call ahead at 828 253 5455  to find out what we might have in stock and to pre-order as necessary. We will be ordering twice a month and we require a 25.00 minimum on each order.  Our “kick off special pricing  is good through May of 2012 and is  noted in our recent Spring newsletter.   A good discussion about why all  flours are not equal for pizza, gluten levels in flour, the 00 rating for the grind of the wheat can be found in this blog entry by Saveur magazine.
From the finest wheat grains
They use only the “heart” of the wheat in the Caputo flours which is a family owned and operated mill dating back to 1924.
 Combine this superb flour with a Forno Bravo wood-fired oven and you have a pizza that can’t be duplicated in other ovens. It combines reflected heat, convection and conductive heat to bake the perfect pizza in just 90 seconds!  All three- the crust, cheese and the sauce is cooking at the same time. The live fire arcing over the interior dome browns the top of the pizza with a rich brown color and imparts a deep flavor. The Convection heat combined with the moisture in the oven helps steam and puff up the cornicione (the other rim or crust) of the pizza, and with the intense floor heat direct heat extracts moisture from the dough of the pizza resulting in a unique crisp crust. This is not something you can obtain with a pizza stone alone.  On the other hand,  these flour choices will improve your pizza crust in any oven!
Wood-fired ovens combine all the best conditions!For a more detailed explanation of Forno Bravo’s oven operation and cooking benefits click here.
Yum Yum and Yum
We also will have what I have found to be a simple a delicious tomato sauce for pizza and that is the Pomodorino Italian cherry tomatoes in 14oz cans which we will stock.These are whole unpeeled cherry tomatoes that are sweet and can be slightly squished for your pizza sauce.   We will also have a growing supply of pizza related toppings including more plum and crushed tomatoes, Pesto sauce Ligurian in jars,  dried wild mushrooms, and very soon we’ll have fresh mozzarella 6lb ave loafs and goat cheese crumbles.

The ARCH can now sustain your pantry as well as provide sustainable finishes,

The ARCH is your full service Wood-fired oven location in Asheville!  We offer: OVEN SALES, INSTALLATIONS, AND NOW A GROWING LIST OF FOOD ITEMS FOR YOUR OVEN! Call us for an estimate today!

The ARCH can now sustain your pantry as well as provide sustainable finishes, flooring and more!