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Forno Bravo Full Service Showroom -The Arch- Is Your Golden Ticket!

Are you thinking about buying a wood-fired oven but you aren’t sure just where to look? May I recommend what not to do, and then provide you with some great advice?  There are “online operations”  who fight tooth and nail to undercut thebig box store 2 smaller showrooms in the country but they will likely cost you more and service is out the window, there are the “online super stores” where you can’t talk to ANYONE, and they’re so large you wouldn’t know where your product is coming from, and once shipping is factored in  m a y b e you’ll save twenty five dollars, or, maybe it’ll cost you more down the line because you had no advice at all? Or possibly, there’s a big box store with a competitive product that  looks pretty darn dazzling at first sight… oh, the power of impulse purchasing! but  the salesperson (if you can find one),  doesn’t know diddly-squat about the product, and you can forget any followup service.

goldenticket2Here’s my advice: Take the time to call or visit Jim and Cathy at The Arch who have been reputable full-service dealers of Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens and fireplace units and Forno Bravo’s accessory line since 2009. More recently, they added Forno Bravo’s exciting new Bella Outdoor Living premium stainless line which makes for a well-rounded offering.

We work hard every day to provide full service from the moment you contact us with questions about everything you want to know about the best wood-fired oven for you  to the day the final brick is in place in your back yard or businesses.image001 Even after that final brick is set, we enjoy hearing from you about your experiences whether you are exploring different types of pizza flour, managing your new commercial oven (a major investment) at your deli, or wondering how to get those pizzas to slide off the peel without ball bearing cornmeal pieces wedged in the bottom of the crust.  (i.e. You don’t use corn meal because they tend to burn and get very hard …semolina works better )

382142_10100413282390598_2706778_52385070_1337659851_n copyRecently a customer visited our showroom, as they often have since purchasing an oven from us a couple of years ago. With great enthusiasm, he discussed  hydration levels in dough with us for almost an hour.   Our customers had taken a class in Charlotte with an accomplished chef and they were very excited to share their experiences with us. It was fun to talk about dough! I wonder what customer service at the big box store would have done with that conversation. Oh, that’s right, there wouldn’t have been a conversation!

The fact that Jim has been a professional mason in the Asheville area for over thirty years and Cathy has an interior design background means you will get a sincere interest  in your project and professional experience to go with it. We can’t claim to be chefs because we are not, but we are delighted that the food from our own Forno Bravo oven is quite exceptional!  That’s what wood-fired cooking is all about- great food and friends and a connection with fire!  Because we’ve been baking, roasting and grilling for years, we can speak from experience about fire wood, temperatures, accessories,  commercial considerations, heat retention, installations, cooking tips, and so much more. !cid_A12C0AD8- I have great respect for Jim’s masonry talent. I recall a customer from Hilton Head who had a beautiful outdoor kitchen installed  reminding Jim that he is a master at his craft. Jim can give you a fair price for a complete installation, and we always give you a fair price for Forno Bravo products. DSC_0007 (1128 x 748) We also give design advice such as  practical heights for counters, considerations to traffic patterns as you navigate long handled peels and proximity to your kitchen.  It’s our daily conversation, but to others it’s experience that is well worth it. We hope you will support  our business by giving us a call at 828 253 5455 or completing this contact form.

We look forward to working with you!

Our showroom can be located at 2000 Riverside Drive Unit 10, Asheville, NC 28804 or visit our website at:  Hours: T-F 9:30-5:30, Sat 10-3