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Hand Finished, Hand Made, Brings Details Together For Small Bathroom

Handmade tiles, cast bronze switchplate, American Clay plaster

Waiting for the details you like for a room is well worth it.  So often it is evident that a room is “rushed” with whatever the “deciding forces” gather together just to have it all finished. That “hurry  up and finish attitude” often lacks a little vision. To me, it’s worth waiting on something that you know you are going to like and ENJOY!

Take the tiles in this small bathroom for example. They were selected to compliment the clay walls and woodwork which tied together the entire vanity area in a pleasant way.

  The room has a lovely American Clay finish (Clay type:Loma, pigment- Amber Grain).

It is a joy to live with – as it breathes with the humidity beautifully.  The mirror had been positioned on a “temporary” wood brace, just waiting for it’s friendly art tile to arrive one day.

Well, the tile recently arrived, as we ordered from one of the talented artists at The ARCH.


 We simply drew a line in the clay, scraped off with a scraper the area where the tile would fit within.

Removing clay in area to be tiled. Easy!

We taped off a few areas and installed the tiles.  Any slight touch ups in the clay can be made with the original clay- just re-hydrate what came off the wall(!), or we will use some from a container saved from the original application.

So there you have it, a small area revitalized where  all the natural elements work together.

Newsletter featuring this installation: May Newsletter 2011

Available at The ARCH:

American Clay plaster, application services

Knob detail on the cabinet by Notting Hill

Switchplate in cast bronze

Soy candles, plantlife soap

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Craftsman Tiles and Switchplates Among Eclectic Mix at The ARCH

February 17, 2011 2 comments

4x8 inch tiles with pounded border

The Grove Park Inn is hosting their annual Arts and Crafts Conference this weekend once again which will include displays or framed work of several tile artists and crafts people The ARCH works with.

When I walk among the vendors I have an appreciation for some of our local artist’s work as well as those more “well known”. These 4×8 inch tiles and mountain mural set are by Tzadi Turrou one of the area’s  talented artists  whose work is at The ARCH. Her Cuerda Seca technique is exquisite.

Three tile Mountain Mural by Tzadi and other works

Those of us that live in Asheville  are aware that we live among an eclectic mix of colorful architectural styles  and among the long list of  styles the Arts and Crafts Style is one prominent style typical  among many of our  neighborhoods and within downtown Asheville.

We have met many in the area  who maintain a certain style throughout their entire homes  and others that prefer a mix of styles in their small Arts and Crafts bungalow.

8x8 inch tile Scott Weaver

Nouveau Ginkgo Asheville Tileworks

Nouveau Ginkgo Asheville Tileworks

Arts and Craft Ceramic switchplates

Then there are many that infuse a great deal of contemporary design but perhaps add just a touch of the original bungalow style of their home with, for example, a single switchplate such as this copper Prairie style.

Copper switchplate Prairie style

Next door Patti Bell with Studio B has framed collectibles or unusual tiles including a five tile rambling Art Nouveau style lizard set from Ravenstone Tiles.

From contemporary glass mosaic tile or craftsman tile we have  it in the mix. Just a few examples are presented here. Give us a call at The ARCH 828 253 5455.