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Color With Glass! Glass Tiles, Knobs and Artistic Mosaic Ideas

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Craving a little color in your home? Perhaps you’d like to add a little excitement or passion somewhere that is lacking much of……anything?  Tired of a drab wall surface?  Somewhere in your  pallet of nuetrals  consider some reds, shimmery blues, metallics, or a vibrant mural! The ARCH has many earth tone colors but we also have a very large selection of mosaic glass as well as complimentary vibrant glass knobs.  Imagine a wall area you are thinking about changing with some vivid colors, shine, or texture.

Gradation of 1x1 inch mosaic tiles

If you like the idea of a tile gradation as shown here, it is not so difficult to do, you simply remove a few blue glass squares from the sheets of tiles gradually removing more and more blues as they blend into all whites.  The sky’s the limit on what can be done with a gradation.

Imagine this  bathroom below with a solid white flat painted wall before the “shimmerfly” glass tiles were added. The tiles add so much to an otherwise plain space.

Tiles come in matte, to shimmery shiny

Mosaic tile come on 12″x12″ sheets for the most part.   There are  many mosaic sizes to consider: 1×1 inch, 2×2 inch, 1×4 inch, 1×6 inch, 1/2 x 1/2 inch, square, round, and ovals. Surfaces include: shiny, opaque, textured, reflective, matte, clear, and more.

For the more subtle. Also available are switchplates to compliment  as well.

Shimmery subtle tiles. Also available are complimentary switchplates that don't distract like the plain white on your new investment.

Handmade glass knobs add a great complimentary accessory to glass tile installations.

Handmade glass knobs with mosaic tile accents.

If there is a glass color you like among the mosaic selection we can create knobs with that color as a center for any glass knob.  Shown here are a few examples of glass knobs.  If, for example, you prefer a blue center on the white knob, this is an easy order!  Available in many assorted colors at The ARCH. By late September several selections will be available through our online market.

Great accent knobs for cabinets, closet doors, dressers, tie backs.

Nice touch!

Glass tiles can also  be blended with clay tiles as well if you have a beautiful piece you want to stand out. I recommend you play with the pieces until you see something you like.  Also available are river stone  sheets that you can manipulate in a number of ways.

River stone comes on sheets. We'll remove stones and replace with beautiful medallions, swirls, and other metallic glazed tiles.

Below is an example in development for our Forno Bravo wood-fired oven arch with river stone and metallic clay glazes which will create a highly textured playful surface with interesting hand-pressed tiles, medallions and swirls that can stand a little smoke from time to time.

template to play with arrangements of tile and river stone mosaic

I created a  cardboard arch template to fit the oven arch and laid out some ideas. I’ll share the final result when


Design services available for tile layouts and wood-fired oven designs.  Just give The ARCH a call at 828 253 5455 or visit

Oven arch will include swirls and medallions placed within gray river stone.

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